Vassilios Bouglas

Vassilios Bouglas

Laboratory and Teaching Staff

Vasilleios is a Computer Programmer & Engineer by profession. He is a member of the teaching and laboratory staff in the University of Thessaly, in the Department of Science, Physical Education & Sports. He received his BEng from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ( 1995) and his Masters in the University of Thessaly with thesis title "Construction and evaluation of a digital educational tool for Training Students in matters of health education". Since 2017 he

is a PhD candidate at the University of Thessaly with PhD thesis topic "Using new technologies to facilitate Educational & physical education on promoting physical activity". He holds a Bachelor's of excellent knowledge of English (c2 – proficiency).

He is involved in the Impact project (Erasmus+). He is responsible for the construction of an open-source web conferencing system for distance education, that will be used to provide real-time desktop sharing, presentation, VoIP, webcam and chat. Users may enter the conference either as viewers or as moderators. The system will have the capability to create video files of the recording. Moreover, Vasilis is going to setup a questionnaire system in a web server that would enable users using a web interface to develop and publish on-line surveys, collect responses, create statistics, and export the resulting data to other applications.

Vasilis has received a scholarship from Deutscer Akademischer Austauschdienst.

He has attended seminars in:

  • London (England)-Monitoring Programme "Training in forms of internal and external evaluation of educational institutions and presenting best practices and evaluation and self-assessment processes" total duration of 70 hours.
  • Trikala Monitoring Program "TRAINING TRAINERS & HPC MANAGERS" realized by "Dimitra" Institute lasting a total of 125 hours.
  • Barcelona (Spain) 12/04/07 – 18/04/07 Training under Leonardo da Vinci programme on the theme "Innovative Models for promoting vocational education and training for socially excluded groups"
  • Florence (Italy) Training in E-LEARNING – Education and New Technologies (IKY Scholarship – SOCRATES II/GRUNDTVIG)
  • Trikala-Monitoring Programme "TRAINING TRAINERS ThEWRITIKOY PART" of the project "training of trainers" of EKEPIS lasting a total of 300 hours.
  • Trikala-I.E.K.E.M. TEES S.A. : Training program "Modern Construction Technology-infrastructure-public works, Autocad 14" lasting a total of 300 hours.

As a freelancer, he has worked in design, hardware and software installation and support of local networks. He has participated in projects of structured cabling, computer networks and databases (RDBMS).

As an instructor he is a Certified Trainers registrar EOPPEP (National Agency for Qualification Certification & Vocational Guidance) in specialties such as Designers, programmers, system analysts & Persons who develop professional activity in the field of Informatics, mechanical engineers and Safety Inspectors, health and quality control. Also he has completed the Informatics of i. d. EC. e. (Institute For Adult Life-long Learning).For he last twenty (20) years he has been working as a part time instructor in professional training centres in the field of Informatics.

HE has participated in several research programs of the University of Thessaly and of KETEATh (Research Center of Technology Development & Thessaly).

In the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science he teaches in postgraduate courses. Additionally,he provides auxiliary teaching assignments to laboratory exercises.

He is responsible for the construction and maintenance of Web pages that are related to the Faculty, the msc programs, workshops and various European programmes.

He also performs diagnostic tests to networks repairing conflicts and other network faults.He provides upgrades to computer equipment and takes any necessary measures to protect computers from infection by malicious software and potential threats (virus protection).

He also works to develop applications that the University School needs, visits the areas where the applications will be implemented to observe exactly what they need and tests and repairs hardware which is not working correctly.He improves the existing hardware equipment and helps academic staff of the School when a problem arises.

In the area of Elearning courses he has built and supported Modern elearning platform (Big Blue Button) for providing Online lectures and courses in graduate programs of the Department. Also he has established and manages Asynchronous elearning platform (Moodle) so that students have access in lectures and courses of the postgraduate Department programs.



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