Postgraduate Studies


Erasmus Mundus European Master's in Sport and Exercise Psychology 
undergraduateIn collaboration with international Universities (English speaking), duration 24 months, in the area of Psychology of Sport and Exercise

MSc in Military Fitness & Wellbeing
Programme duration 18 months; taught in block teaching with the option of a Thesis or Non-Thesis track

Exercise & Health 
Autonomous Master's Programme, duration 18 months, intensive (5 consecutive days a month for 8 months) in the area of Biological Sciences
Applications until November 30

Psychology of Exercise 
Autonomous Master's Programme, duration 24 months, weekly (2 days a week) in the area of Psychology of Exercise
«Applications until May 31 (1st period)»
«Applications until August 31 (2nd period)»

Exercise & Quality of Life 
In collaboration with the Dept of PE & Sport Science of the Democritus University of Thrace, durations 24 months
Applications until October 01

Exercise, Ergo-spirometry and Rehabilitation (Information available in Greek)
Interdepartmental Programme (University of Thessaly; Departments of Medicine and PE & Sport Science)

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