Dr Dimitrios KOKARIDAS


Assistant Professor

Exercise for People with Disabilities

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Office: EEDIP

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Research Expertise
Exercise for People with Disabilities, Adapted Physical Education
Brief Portrait
Dimitrios Kokaridas is an Assistant Professor in “exercise for people with disabilities” at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (DPESS), University of Thessaly in Greece. He is responsible for teaching and co-ordinating all undergraduate courses of adapted physical education since 2002 and the postgraduate course of "Psychology of Adapted Physical Activity" of the "European Master of Sport and Exercise Psychology" (EMSEP). He received his Bachelor degree at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (DPESS) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1992), and the M.Ed. (1994) και Ph.D. degree (1997) in Special Education at the Victoria University of Manchester, UK. Dimitrios Kokaridas has extensive research activity in the field of exercise for people with disabilities with publications in refereed academic journals, congresses and conference proceedings.Furthermore, he is the author of four books and one chapter within book concerning adapted physical activity.  He is particularly interested in therapeutic swimming, exercise for people with psychiatric disorders and promoting inclusion of students with disabilities in typical classes. Finally, he continues to work towards bridging the gap between theory and real application of inclusion in practice as the creator and administrator of the first adapted physical education information base created in Greece (http://www.pe.uth.gr/efa).
Selected Publications
1 Maggouritsa, G., Kokaridas D., Theodorakis, I., Patsiaouras, A., Mouzas, O., Dimitrakopoulos, S., & Diggelidis, N. (2014). The effect of a physical activity programme on improving mood profile of patients with schizophrenia. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 12 (3), 273 – 284.
2 Kokaridas, D., Paslamouska, M., Patsiaouras, A., Natsis, P., Karagiannidis, I., Maggouritsa, G., & Efthimiou, P. (2014). Dynamic evaluation approach in adapted physical education: Assessing procedure and Individualized Education Program for inclusion purposes. Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education, 2 (3), Art.7 (Summer/Fall).
3 Kokaridas, D., Perkos, S., Ηarbalis, T., & Koltsidas, E. (2009). Sport orientation and athletic identity of Greek wheelchair basketball players. Psychological Reports, 109 (3), 887-898.
4 Stamou, Ε., Theodorakis, Υ., Kokaridas, D., Perkos, S., & Kessanopoulou, M. (2007). The effect of self-talk on the penalty execution in goalball. British Journal of Visual Impairment, 25, 233-248.
5 Kokaridas, D., Angelopoulou-Sakadami, N. & Walters, B. (2000). An intervention in the Halliwick Method procedures (Swimming) for a group of individuals with Down’s Syndrome. European Journal of Special Needs Education 15 (2), 218-231.
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