Dr Dimitrios Tsaopoulos

Dimitrios graduated with a BSc from the University of Thessaly, Greece, in the field of Sports Science. He started a project for his PhD in the Manchester Metropolitan University in September 2003 with Prof. Vasilios Baltzopoulos and Prof. Constantinos Maganaris. His PhD project was focused on in vivo human knee joint mechanics. Dimitrios joined the Structure and Motion Lab at the RVC of University of London  in March 2008 for a short postdoc, completed December 2009. He worked with Dr John Hutchinson on a project building 3D musculoskeletal models of  elephants forelimbs and hindlimbs, and continues to collaborate on this and other projects. Since March 2009 he is working as a part-time Lecturer in the Department of Physical Education and Spots science, University of Thessaly.

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