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Sport & Recreation Marketing Consumer Behavior in Sport Recreation Services
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Kouthouris Charilaos is an Professor in Sport and Recreation Management. He holds a Master degree in Recreation Management from Loughborough University, U.K., and a Ph.D. in Recreation Marketing, from Thessaly University. He teaches in Thessaly University at undergraduate and post-graduate courses. His research interest is focused on marketing services in sport tourism and outdoor recreation. He was involved in Greek leisure market as administrative expert since 1989. He continues to offer his services: a) at public and private recreation institutions as an executive of education in recreation management, b) at sport tourism and recreation agencies as a marketing consultant, and c) at major outdoor recreational events as chief operation manager.
Selected Publications
1 Kouthouris, C. (2009). An Examination of the Relationships between Motivation, Involvement and Intention to continuing participation among recreational skiers. International Journal of Sport Management Recreation & Tourism, 4, (a), 1-15
2 Alexandris K., Kouthouris C., Funk D. & Tziouma O (2013). The Use of Negotiation Strategies among Recreational Participants with different Involvement Levels: The case of Recreational Swimmers. Leisure Studies, 32 (3), 299-317
3 Alexandris, Κ,. Kouthouris, C., & Girgolas, G. (2007).“Investigating the Relationships among Motivation, Negotiation and Intention to Continuing Participation: A Study in Recreational Alpine Skiing”. Journal of Leisure Research, 39, (4), 648-667 [Impact Factor: 0.660]
4 Alexandris, K., Kouthouris, C., Funk, D., & Chatzigianni, E.(2008). Examining the Relationships among Leisure Constraints, Involvement and Attitudinal Loyalty among Greek Recreational Skiers. European Sport Management Quarterly, 8, (3), 247-264, [Impact Factor: 0.818]
5 Kouthouris, C., & Alexandris, Κ. (2005). Can Service Quality Predict Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions in the Tourism Industry? An Application of the SERVQUAL Model in an Outdoors Setting. Journal of Sports Tourism, 4, 12-22



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