Dr. Giorgos Sakkas’ performance within the 10th best in the world.


IMG_0227The AIDA Free- Diving World Championship takes place every two years and is the largest event in the free diving world. This year it was held in the city of Kalamata (15-25 September 2011) and 160 athletes from 32 countries competed. Greece was represented by 9 athletes and one of those was Dr. G. Sakkas, a researcher at the Institute of Human Performance and Rehabilitation,  CERETETH and  teaching instructor at the Department of PE and Sport Science, University of Thessaly.  Giorgos’s dive at 80 m with fins was the 8th best performance in the world championship for the discipline of “constant weights with fins”.

It is noteworthy that during the Hellenic AIDA Championship that took place a week earlier, Giorgos was ranked first in the discipline of “constant weight without fins”.

This is overall an excellent conclusion for the season, with Giorgos having achieved dives ranging from 58 to 80 m in the 3 disciplines of the sport.

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