World-Class Performance by Dr Sakkas in a Free Diving Competition

From 14/06 to 20/06/2010, the deepest free divers from the all over the world were congregated in Kalamata, Greece, in order to compete for the World Cup of the deeper man and woman on a single breathdiving. The programme lasted 15 days and included one week of training and one week of competition, as well as many scientific activities. In the event took part 37 athletes from 23 countries including a Greek athlete and a member of our scientific community, Dr Giorgos Sakkas. Giorgos, who is a member of the National Greek Team, was classified as 5th in the overall ranking with attempts starting from 54 meters without fins, up to 70 meters with the monofin, making also personal records in the all 3 categories. Also, during the 15 days of the event, Drs Sakkas and Karatzaferi and their colleagues from our Department conducted a study aiming to examine why top free divers often experience sleep problems. A relevant video about the event appears in the following address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgU-0PpSiLc
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