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Research Expertise
Promoting Inclusion and Developing Life Skills Through Physical Education And Youth Sport
Brief Portrait
Marios Goudas is the University of Thessaly Distinguished Researcher in Social Sciences and Humanities. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1991) and a Phd from Exeter University UK (1994). He has published more than 120 papers, and book chapters in national and international journals including the Sport Psychologist, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology,  Journal of Learning and Instruction and Learning and Individual Differences and seven books including the Greek National Curriculum for Grade 7 Physical Education.  He has also been a regular reviewer for 20 scientific journals. He has developed and implemented a nationwide program for raising awareness about inequalities and promoting social inclusion through physical education and sport. His research focuses on the development and assessment of generalizable life-skills and self-regulatory skills programs in physical education and sport targeting especially disadvantaged youth. He has applied his research on work with young athletes and youth sport academies implementing programs for enhancing young athletes’ life-long competencies and transferable skills.
Selected Publications
1 Goudas, M., Dermitzaki, I., & Kolovelonis, A., (2017). Self-regulated learning and students’ metacognitive feelings in physical education. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 15, 131–145.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1612197X.2015.1079791
2 Goudas, M., Kolovelonis, A., & Dermitzaki, I. (2013). Implementation of self-regulation interventions in physical education and sports contexts. In Bembenutty, H., Cleary, T., & Kitsantas, A. (Eds.), Applications of self-regulated learning across diverse disciplines: A tribute to Barry J. Zimmerman (pp. 383 – 416). Greenwich, CT: Information Age.
3 Kolovelonis, A. Goudas, M., & Dermitzaki, I. (2011). The effect of different goals and self-recording on self-regulation of learning a motor skill in a physical education setting. Learning and Instruction, 21, 355-364.
4 Goudas, M., & Magotsiou, E.(2009). The effects of a cooperative physical education program on students’ social skills. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 21, 356-364.
5 Goudas, M., & Giannoudis, G. (2008). A team-sports-based life-skills program in a physical education context. Learning and Instruction, 18, 528-536.





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